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Taco Tuesday
Taco John’s

Taco Tuesday

The Challenge

Taco John’s, a National QSR Brand, had held the “Taco Tuesday” trademark since 1989 after a local franchisee coined the term to help boost mid-week sales. In May 2023, Taco Bell announced a nationwide campaign to “liberate Taco Tuesday” for all to use.

The Solution

Champion worked collaboratively with the Taco John’s team to draft a plan of action and create a positive outcome. Over the course of two months, Champion distributed two humorous, but hard-hitting press releases and brand statements, crafted ad copy, established a relationship with a nonprofit partner, and managed media outreach, resulting in widespread national and international coverage of the campaign.

The Outcome

Ultimately, Taco John’s opted to release its trademark, rather than lining the pockets of trademark lawyers in a fight they might not win. Champion secured favorable coverage in most of the nation’s most prominent media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, NBC Nightly News, Inside Edition, TODAY and Good Morning America – as well as countless local outlets from coast to coast. Cumulative coverage totaled more than 44 BILLION UMVs and a whopping $41.5 million in earned media value.

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