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Rock Bottom & Gordon Biersch Influencer Event
Rock Bottom & Gordon Biersch

Rock Bottom & Gordon Biersch Influencer Event

The Challenge

Champion was challenged by SPB Hospitality brands Rock Bottom and Gordon Biersch to increase brand awareness and followers by activating influencer events in Denver, a popular market for both brands, to spread the word about a new menu and ongoing beer and cocktail offerings. The client also needed refreshed group dining and catering images to utilize for marketing collateral such as website, email and social media, but were concerned about wasting food for a traditional photoshoot.

The Solution

Champion pitched and executed a two-night influencer event series that with the goal to increase brand awareness, capture new group dining assets and establish influencer relationships in the Denver market for both brands. We brainstormed a theme for each brand and built the event from ground up, from the branding to the logistics. The team traveled to Denver to offer boots-on-the-ground support in partnership with the brand team and general managers.

The Outcome

Both events were intimate and included cocktails, a brewery tour, a beer tasting and a plated dinner. Rock Bottom had 15 guests and Gordon Biersch had 13 guests total. While we didn’t require the influencers to post, we saw a great ROI and established great ongoing relationships. Our influencer partners posted on their Stories at the event with Reel recaps to follow. Both brands gained a total of 340+ new followers the week of the event. Not only were we able to create two influencer events to bring brand awareness, but we also executed group dining assets, and general assets for the social media pages.

By thinking outside the box and adopting a mindful approach, we successfully created a collection of engaging images that effectively conveyed the benefits of group dining without compromising the client’s values or wasting any food. This experience reinforced our commitment to innovation and problem-solving, ensuring that we always find unique solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

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