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Naf Naf Paid Digital Media Case Study
Naf Naf

Naf Naf Paid Digital Media Case Study

The Challenge

Champion partnered with a Middle Eastern restaurant franchise group to drive online sales through Meta and Google. The popular fast-casual dining brand wanted to scale their online purchases as well as improve their return on ad spend (ROAS) for both their corporate and 13 franchise locations.

The Solution

  • Implement a strategy and tactics such as new ad placements, coupled with pinpoint targeting and leveraged data to achieve approximately $65,082 in revenue in one marketing window.
  • Champion conducted a competitor analysis to determine the brand’s direct competitors along with tactics aspirational peers were using on paid social channels.
  • Developed an overarching marketing strategy incorporating 2% of each franchisee’s marketing budget for paid media efforts.
  • Refreshed creative to be more engaging and differentiate the brand within the industry.
  • Followed the brands marketing calendar to incorporate to develop campaigns centered around their marketing windows (1 ½ – 2 month window durations).

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