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Friendly’s x Jonas Brothers TikTok

Friendly’s x Jonas Brothers TikTok

The Challenge

Champion was challenged by Friendly’s Restaurants to increase followers and engagement on its new TikTok channel. The brand saw a need for connecting with its older and younger audiences through TikTok content. Champion created the new channel and before our viral video was posted, the brand had roughly 45 TikTok followers with an average of 300 views and 10 likes on their video content.

The Solution

Champion dug into Friendly’s demographics and noticed a wide range of audience insights. By engaging with the target audience intentionally, we realized the brand has a strong nostalgic tie, which got the older generation excited to engage. We saw an opportunity to create a TikTok video featuring a long-time favorite sundae called the Monster Mash that some fans said they missed from their childhood.

The Outcome

The video quickly garnered thousands of likes and comments, and even captured the attention of Joe Jonas, which we immediately turned into a second video using the Comment feature. Later that month, the Jonas Brothers mentioned Friendly’s on Jimmy Kimmel and mentioned Friendly’s was where they chose their band name.

This led to a full brand partnership executed by the Champion team in partnership with Friendly’s, and later led to three Jonas Brothers-inspired Sundae launches as well as free Fribbles for concert attendees.

The video increased the brand’s TikTok followers by 18,000%


Total Views


Total Likes


Total Comments


Total Shares


Total Saves


New Followers 
(from this one video)

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