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January 2, 2024 | Ashley Hoskins


3 Ways to Increase Franchise Lead Generation

Let’s be real here, every brand is looking to grow. With that being said, recruitment of top talent that will get the brand there is hard to find. How does a brand become successful at not only recruiting top talent but converting them into brand loyalists? Three things will help your brand go big to get leads and increase franchise lead generation. Brands that stand out amongst the crowd do the following:

  1. Don’t Sell To Get The Sale
  2. Invest To Get Investments
  3. Brand Story Amplification

Consumers are faced with marketing and advertising every day whether they know it or not. Marketing, Sales and leadership teams are forced to find a way to enter the market and win. The graph below displays the potential franchisee funnel although the journey is complex.

Don’t Sell To Get The Sale, seems a little contradicting, huh? That’s the world we live in. Due to the market noise, consumers do not want to be sold to, they want to make their own decisions with an expert in their corner to support their decisions. Be transparent with the consumers, they want to know who is behind the brand. Identification from self-discovery of what makes the brand unique from their perspective is craved by consumers. Humanize your brand, connect and engage with consumers on a personal level. Social and digital media will assist with this process during the age of another technological revolution.

Invest To Get Investments, pour success back into your business. People go where the money is. Invest in your marketing team, sales team, leadership team, franchisees and employees. Easy enough, investing isn’t only monetarily, but supporting personally and professionally. It all comes back around to the end goal of business growth. Invest in the people, proper channels, tools and resources needed to sustain the growth of a business. You will miss all the chances you do not take.

Brand Story Amplification through integrated marketing and sales. Going back to humanizing your brand, brand story amplification is exactly that. What makes your brand unique? Why was it created and what makes it special enough for others to want to be a part of? Every brand has a story and consumers want to hear it. Due to the complexity of the buying journey and investment in a franchise, multiple touchpoints are required to tell this story. From earned to paid media, storytelling is essential to stand out and develop loyalty. Digital marketing allows for constant engagement, customized targeting to ideal franchisees and tracking of the franchisee’s journey.

Strategy and execution to increase lead generation and business success can be tied into these three things. In the realm of franchising, paid, organic and earned media serve as dynamic tools to attract potential franchisees. By strategically leveraging targeted exposure, engaging content, and success stories, you can communicate the value proposition of your franchise opportunity and establish a strong, compelling brand narrative that resonates with prospective franchise partners. It’s time to define and win in the market.