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How Restaurants Can Use Social Media in 2023
September 19, 2023 | Ashley Hoskins

How Restaurants Can Use Social Media in 2023

Social media continues to run the world and influence our daily decisions, because of this it’s important for every brand to stay relevant and assert their voice through a social presence. Every day we scroll through an assortment of platforms from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Threads, LinkedIn and TikTok. It’s obvious that social media plays a major role in our lives, routines and decisions.

What does every successful business today have in common? A strategic social approach. Whether that means organic social, boosting, paid ads, influencer marketing, or more; each of these practices plays a strong role in influencing audience thought.

For starters, restaurant brands can use social media as a way to share their brand story. This helps them establish a relationship between the brand and their followers. When companies feel like they have open communication with their followers, it positively impacts the users perception and develops trust in the brand. When building your social media presence, we recommend establishing an open line of communication because it helps humanize the brand and create personal communication.

When implementing communication it’s important to build a strong community management process to ensure users are connecting personally through direct responses to comments, DM’s, stories, and stitching. Each of these small acts positively reflects the restaurant’s persona on social media.

Once your brand has established trust you are able to leverage each platform by announcing new restaurant openings, limited time offers, countdowns to brand campaigns and more. It’s a quick, easy and effective way to communicate with users at your fingertips.

Utilizing influencer marketing is also a positive tactic that will boost a brands persona and credibility with followers. For example, we have seen brands turn themselves around by partnering with some of the most influential users in the market to bring them back to the spotlight. Followers care about the brands their favorite influencers support and are more likely to visit a brand’s page.

It’s obvious that social media is a highly effective tool for any brand but especially those in the restaurant space. We highly recommend following these guidelines to further expand your social media presence and look forward to the future of social media.