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Social Media

give your friend the fingerSeveral of Champion’s clients rely on us to manage their entire social media presence — including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Our social media experts design creative posts daily that spur likes, shares and positive interaction with our clients’ current and potential customers.

We’ve also created sophisticated campaigns that live almost entirely online while building awareness, interaction and goodwill with our clients’ brands.  Bennigan’s “Honor the Irish” campaign reinforced and leveraged the chain’s ‘ownership’ of St. Paddy’s Day.  Its “Wall of Heroes” initiative underscores Bennigan’s reverence for America’s military veterans while raising funds for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes.  Raising Cane’s “Give Your Friend the Finger” campaign was a cutting-edge, irreverent promotion that drove traffic to the company’s restaurants on and around National Chicken Finger Day.